Reserve/Detention Basin


Stormwater management

As part of the renewal, the Authority and the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters are working together to deliver a stormwater management system. A detention basin is proposed within a new reserve bordered by Shirley, Fraser and Reid Avenues. Gross pollutants will be trapped and removed prior to entering the detention basin, preventing litter and debris from entering the River Torrens via an underground stormwater system.


Reserve/detention basin

The reserve/detention basin, currently under construction, will be 80m long by 30m wide. The reserve/detention basin comprises an open grassed, rain garden, accessible footpaths, a sitting area and landscaping. New tree plantings border the reserve/detention basin which will provide shade.



The reserve/detention basin will not feature any permanent deep water, making the area safe for recreational use by the community. Water will only temporarily pond in heavy rainfall, receding within hours after major storms. Given recent publicity around mosquito borne diseases recently in the media, the Authority and Council emphasise that the basin is designed to only hold water for a short duration and to completely drain after storms. The reserve/detention basin does not pose a risk to health and safety.


Rain garden

The rain garden will consist of vegetation that naturally filters water.

Sand and densely planted vegetation will help filter storm water and improve the quality of runoff water flowing into the River Torrens. As the water flows through the basin, it will filter through the sand and plants to filter out some of the suspended waste, such as phosphorous and nitrogen, cleaning the water before it enters the river.



Click here to view the detailed reserve/detention basin plan and list of plant species.



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