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What are some of the features and benefits of Felixstow?

What are some of the features and benefits of Felixstow?

  • Felixstow is conveniently located in an ideal green, bushy area that sits just 10 minutes from Adelaide's CBD. This inner-city suburb offers a variety of facilities and amenities for all residents such as:

    Felixstow is lucky to be close to a large number of both public and private primary and high schools.

  • Shopping
    • Choice is the key word when shopping in Felixstow with a range of different stores that offer a diverse selection of goods. 

A variety of exciting cuisine is available only minutes away, from some of the tastiest Asian, Italian and Modern Australian restaurants.


  • Enjoy convenient and easy access to transport options such as buses and the O-Bahn.

Felixstow is ideally situated with the River Torrens Linear Park in Adelaide’s north-west, providing green, lush tree-lined streets, parks and playgrounds, making it a beautiful suburb to live in.

The area has no current or planned high-density developments, making it  an appealing, yet affordable suburb in which to invest and live.